Ease of Doing Business in

Medellín - Colombia

Region Latin America & Caribbean
Income Category Upper middle income
Population 48,228,704
GNI Per Capita (US$) 7,130.00

This page summarizes Subnational Doing Business in Colombia 2017 data for Medellín. The first table shows its rank among 32 cities/regions in Colombia. The rest of the tables summarize the key indicators for each topic and benchmark against regional and high-income economy (OECD) averages.

Topic Rankings Rank among 32 cities in Colombia DTF score among 32 cities in Colombia Top city in Colombia
Overall 4 70.55 Manizales
Starting a Business 5 85.67 Pereira
Dealing with Construction Permits 13 67.23 Manizales
Registering Property 7 68.26 Manizales
Paying Taxes 14 61.05 San Andrés
Indicator Medellín Latin America & Caribbean OECD
Payments (number per year) info_outline 12 28.9 10.9
Time (hours per year) info_outline 239 342.6 163.4
Total tax rate (% of profit) info_outline 65.4 46.3 40.9
Postfiling index (0-100) info_outline 48.2 44.0 85.1
Tax or mandatory contribution Payments (number) Notes on Payments Time (hours) Statutory tax rate Tax base Total tax rate (% of profit) Notes on TTR
Impuesto sobre la Renta 1 en línea 86 25.0% utilidad gravable 0.18
Aportes a Fondo de Pensión 1 en línea 87 12.0% salario bruto 0.14
Impuesto de Industria y Comercio (ICA) 1 en línea 0.7% ingresos brutos 0.12
Impuesto sobre Transacciones Financieras 1 0.4% retiros de la cuenta bancaria 0.07
Impuesto sobre la Renta para la Equidad - CREE 1 en línea 9.0% utilidad gravable 0.06
Impuesto a la Nómina / Caja de Compensación Familiar 0 en línea y conjuntamente 4.0% salario bruto 0.05
Impuesto Predial Unificado 1 en línea 1.5% avalúo catastral del predio 0.02
Impuesto de Delineación Urbana 1 1.2% presupuesto de la obra de ampliación 0.01
Aportes al Regimen de Salud 0 en línea y conjuntamente 8.5% salario bruto 0.00 incluído en otros impuestos
Aportes a Riesgos Laborales 0 en línea y conjuntamente 0.522% salario bruto 0.00 incluído en otros impuestos
Impuesto al Valor Añadido (IVA) 1 en línea 66 16.0% valor añadido 0.00 no incluído
Impuesto a la Riqueza 1 en línea 0.2%-1.15% riqueza neta 0.00
Impuesto sobre los Vehículos 1 en línea 2.5% valor comercial del vehículo 0.00
Impuesto de Timbre 1 0.00 monto menor
Sobretasa a la Gasolina 1 6.0% valor de consumo 0.00 monto menor
Contribución de los Empleados 0 8% - 10% 0.00 no incluído
Totals: 12 239 65.4
  • Answer
    Profit tax (% of profit) 24.4
    Labor tax and contributions (% of profit) 18.6
    Other taxes (% of profit) 22.3
    Answer Score
    Postfiling index (0-100) 48.2
    VAT refunds 0.0
    Does VAT/GST exist? Yes
    Frequency of VAT/GST refund submission Monthly
    Does a VAT/GST refund process exist per the case study? No
    Restrictions on VAT refund process Restricted to international traders
    Likelihood of VAT audit N/A
    Time to comply with VAT refund (hours) N/A 0.00
    Time to obtain a VAT refund (weeks) N/A 0.00
    Corporate income tax audits 96.3
    Does corporate income tax exist? Yes
    Likelihood of corporate income tax audit Unlikely
    Time to comply with a corporate income tax audit (hours) 5.5 92.66
    Time to complete a corporate income tax audit (weeks) 0 100.00
    Administrative appeal process
    First level administrative appeal authority DIAN, the Colombian Tax Authority
    Is the appeal authority independent? Independent department within tax office
    Are appeal guidelines accessible to the public? Yes
    Source of appeal guidelines Online/ in printed publication/ in person at tax office
    Is there a legal time limit for the appeal authority to issue a decision on the tax appeal? Yes
    Legal time limit 3-9 months, depending on type of appeal