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Egypt, Arab Rep

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Region Middle East & North Africa
Income Category Lower middle income
Population 91,508,084
GNI Per Capita (US$) 3,340
City covered Cairo



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DB 2017 DTF (% points)

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Topics DB 2017 Rank DB 2016 Rank info_outline Change in Rank DB 2017 DTF (% points) info_outline DB 2016 DTF (% points) info_outline Change in DTF (% points) info_outline
Overall 122 126 up
56.64 55.18 down
Starting a Business 39 70 up
92.43 87.48 up
Dealing with Construction Permits 64 63 down
72.46 72.25 up
Getting Electricity 88 129 up
70.33 57.74 up
Registering Property 109 105 down
58.30 58.19 up
Getting Credit 82 78 down
50.00 50.00
Protecting Minority Investors 114 129 up
48.33 43.33 up
Paying Taxes 162 162
51.96 51.42 up
Trading across Borders 168 157 down
42.23 51.01 down
Enforcing Contracts 162 162
40.90 40.90
Resolving Insolvency 109 105 down
39.51 39.49 up

Positive= Doing Business reform making it easier to do business.Negative= Change making it more difficult to do business.

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Price of electricity (US cents per kWh) 10.9
Name of utility South Cairo Electricity Distribution Company (SCEDC)
City Cairo
Indicator Egypt, Arab Rep Middle East & North Africa OECD high income
Procedures (number) info_outline 6 5.0 4.8
Time (days) info_outline 54 81.7 76.2
Cost (% of income per capita) info_outline 244.9 771.8 62.5
Reliability of supply and transparency of tariff index (0-8) info_outline 4 4.2 7.5
  • Measure of efficiency
    No. Procedure Time to Complete Associated Costs

    Obtain letter from District Office clearing electrical connection

    Agency: District Office

    The client must obtain a certificate from the district or local municipality (unit) stating that a building permit was issued and that the construction was completed accordingly. This is necessary to obtain a new connection to the utilities.

    1 calendar day EGP 0

    Submit application to SCEDC and await estimate

    Agency: South Cairo Electric Distribution Company (SCEDC)

    The client must submit the following documents to formally request an electricity connection:

    • Copy of the national ID
    • Copy of the tax card (for commercial and industrial activities)
    • Trade License
    • Copy of lease agreement (or ownership document)
    • Copy of the property title (proof of ownership of the land)
    • Copy of the building permit
    • Ground floor designs of building
    • Letter from district office clearing electrical connection

    The technicians review the request and determine which distribution network is closest to the warehouse. After the utility has determined the nearest network and paid the fees, the client will need to apply for an excavation permit at the district.

    18 calendar days EGP 0
    * 3

    Obtain external inspection and estimate of connection fees from SCEDC

    Agency: South Cairo Electric Distribution Company (SCEDC)

    A SCEDC electrical engineer will inspect the site. If the review concludes that a special room is needed for an electrical generator, it is the client’s responsibility to build such a room. The purpose of the inspection is to check whether there is enough capacity to provide the power needed and whether the property has any specific requirements. The client does not have to be present at the inspection.
    Following that, the inspector prepares a report with an estimate of the connection fees.
    No inspection of the entire internal wiring is carried out during the process.
    The client must pay the estimated fees within one month, after which the estimate offer expires.

    1 calendar day EGP 0

    Obtain excavation permit from district

    Agency: District Office

    The client needs to submit a copy of the building permit, a copy of the ID card, and a tax statement.

    12 calendar days EGP 1,750

    Obtain external works from SCEDC

    Agency: South Cairo Electric Distribution Company (SCEDC)

    External works can start when the client has paid the connection fees at the utility’s cashier and submitted the excavation permit to the utility.
    For loads below 500 kVA, the customer does not need to buy or pay for any material required for the external works or connection. Thus, whether an upgrade of the system (transformer is replaced with one of higher capacity) is needed or not will not affect the total cost. However, if a substation is needed, the customer will be asked to build the room.
    For the electricity connection considered in the case study, there is no need for a substation. The external works will consist of laying out underground cables to the closest point of supply

    17 calendar days EGP 61,000

    Sign supply contract and receive meter installation from SCEDC

    Agency: South Cairo Electric Distribution Company (SCEDC)

    To request a meter installation, the customer must fill out a separate application form with the South Cairo Electricity Distribution Company (SCEDC). The application form must be accompanied by a copy of the national ID, the property details, and identification number of the metallic board. When the external works have been completed, the client signs a supply contract. The utility then installs the meter.

    6 calendar days EGP 1,039.38

    * Takes place simultaneously with previous procedure.

  • Measure of quality
    Reliability of supply and transparency of tariff index (0-8)
    Total duration and frequency of outages per customer a year (0-3)
    System average interruption duration index (SAIDI) 2.9
    System average interruption frequency index (SAIFI) 3
    Mechanisms for monitoring outages (0-1)
    Does the distribution utility use automated tools to monitor outages? No
    Mechanisms for restoring service (0-1)
    Does the distribution utility use automated tools to restore service? No
    Regulatory monitoring (0-1)
    Does a regulator—that is, an entity separate from the utility—monitor the utility’s performance on reliability of supply? Yes
    Financial deterrents aimed at limiting outages (0-1)
    Does the utility either pay compensation to customers or face fines by the regulator (or both) if outages exceed a certain cap? No
    Communication of tariffs and tariff changes (0-1)
    Are effective tariffs available online? Yes
    Link to the website, if available online http://egyptera.org/en/t3reefa.aspx
    Are customers notified of a change in tariff ahead of the billing cycle? Yes
    Price of electricity (US cents per kWh) 10.9


    If the duration and frequency of outages is 100 or less, the economy is eligible to score on the Reliability of supply and transparency of tariff index.

    If the duration and frequency of outages is not available, or is over 100, the economy is not eligible to score on the index.