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Below is a detailed summary of the procedures, time and costs to build a warehouse. This includes obtaining necessary licenses and permits, completing required notifications and inspections and obtaining utility connections.

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  • Estimated value of warehouse: INR 5,203,000
  • City: Kolkata
No. Procedure Time to Complete Associated Costs
1 Obtain land-use permission from Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) (Municipal)

According to the Kolkata Gazette, extraordinary, February 14, 2007, before submission of the building plan, the building company must obtain an approval of the building site. Every application submitted in Form A shall state the proposed use of the land as per use group or occupancy. The application should be accompanied by a site-plan in triplicate and a fee may be determined by the Municipality subject to the following: a. For site plan up to 200 square meters of area: INR 200; b. Fore every additional 100 square meters of area or part thereof beyond the first 200 square meters: INR 100.
55 days INR 1,000
* 2 Obtain a "no-objection certificate" (NOC) from the Observation of Survey and Valuation Department (Municipal)

The NOC is required in order to check the alignment with road width and to fix the floor-area ratio (FAR) and the height.
21 days INR 12,000 (flat fee)
* 3 Obtain a "no-objection certificate" (NOC) from the Kolkata Improvement Trust (Municipal)

The NOC is required in order to check the compliance with Kolkata Improvement Trust.
15 days INR 5,000 (flat fee)
* 4 Obtain a provisional "no-objection certificate" (NOC) from the West Bengal Fire Service (State)

According to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation Building Rules (1990) all storage buildings require fire NOC.
7 days INR 8,400 (INR 0.60 per square feet)
* 5 Obtain tax clearance certicificate from the House Tax Department (Municipal)

The NOC is required to check that all taxes have been paid. The certificate must be up to date.
2 days INR 100
6 Apply for the building permit to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC)

According to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation Building Rules (1990) the building company must submit two copies of form notice under sub-rule 1 along with copies of the following documents to the Building Department: a. Approved layout of the site; b. 3 sets of plans; c. Application notice; d. Current paid tax receipt/tax-clearance certificate; e. Observation from Kolkata Improvement Trust; f. Observation from Chief Valuer and Surveyor's Department (KMC); g. Clearance certificate from ULC department if applicable; h. Observation of West Bengal Fire Service Department; i. Indemnity bond; j. Copy of deed; k. Registered boundary declaration; l. Registered power of attorney; m. FAR calculation sheet; n. Soil-investigation report; o. Structural-design calculation, etc. The building company also has to submit two declarations: in one of them it promises to plant trees as per the Municipal Corporation's guidelines in the front and other open spaces of the premises. All forms and fees schedules are available and the process is explained online on the Kolkata Municipality website
1 day No cost
7 Obtain inspection and observation of the Municipal Building Committee (Municipal)

Sanction from the Municipal Building Committee is required in the following cases: a. Land area exceeding 500 square meters; b. Building exceeding a height of 14.5 meters; c. Corner plot whose means of access is more than 10 meters wide; d. Buildings other than for residential use; e. Plot situated within 500 meters from flyover or bridge.
1 day No cost
8 Obtain building permit from Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC)

Following the verification of the report by the Municipal Building Committee, the Building Department issues a demand for payment, and a building permit (sanctioning the building plan) once payment is received. Two tables of basic scale of sanction fees in INR apply in Kolkata, using the total covered area in all floors in square meters in table I and width of mean of access with the total covered area in all floors in table II. The total sanction fee would be calculated as follows (assuming a width of access of up to 3 m): a. Under table I: up to 500 square meters: INR 22,000 + above 500 square meters for every 100 square meters INR 12,000 to be added; b. Under table II: storage buildings have a multiplying factor on scale of fees as per table 1: 6 times (residential buildings have multiplying factor 1: 2 times, etc.). The construction has to be started within 2 years and completed within 5 years of sanctioning of the building plan.
90 days INR 708,000 ((sanction fee of INR 22,000 (for first 500 square meters) + INR 96,000 (800 square meters at INR 12,000 per each 100 square meters)] * 6 (multiplying factor))
9 Receive on-site inspection by the KMC during construction (Municipal)

During the construction, the building company has to send forms of notice of commencement and of completion of work up to plinth level to the Municipal Commissioner. The KMC will undertake inspections of the site phase-wise as per the application submitted by the structural engineer appointed by the owner or developer. Typically, one inspection would take place during the construction of a two-story building.
1 day No cost
10 Hire an authorized independent plumber at the Kolkata Municipal Corporation to apply for water and sewerage(Municipal)

To obtain the water supply and drainage connection, the building company must apply through a licensed plumber of KMC at the borough office. The list of plumbers is available in the office.
1 day INR 1,000 (flat fee)
* 11 Apply for sanction of power connection to the Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation (Municipal)

The building company must fill out an application form and submit it at one of the CESCO offices.
1 day No cost
* 12 Apply for sewerage connection and deposit inspection fees at the Sewerage and Drainage Department (Municipal)

To apply for sewerage connection, the building company must submit an application along with the sanctioned building plan, plumber "Niyog Patra" or letter of engagement, certificate of the independent plumber, and layout of the proposed internal house drainage at the borough office. The building company must also deposit the inspection fees, which vary according to the size of the building. For one and two-story buildings the inspection fees are as follows: a. Total covered area of up to 50 square meters: INR 605; b. Total covered area 51-100 square meters: INR 825; c. Total covered area 101-200 square meters: INR 1,100; d. Total covered area 201-300 square meters: INR 1,650; e. Total covered area 301-400 square meters: INR 4,400; f. Total covered area 401-500 square meters: INR 4,400; g. Above 500 for every 100 square meters to be added INR 550. In case of storage buildings, there is a multiplication factor 2 times. The municipal website provides information on the process, tariffs, and all forms.
1 day INR 17,607 (multiplication factor 2 * (inspection fee INR 4,400 per first 500 square meters + INR 550 per every additional 100 square meter))
* 13 Apply for water connection at the Water Supply Department (Municipal)

To obtain a water connection, the building company must apply through a licensed plumber of KMC at the local ward office of the Water Supply Department. The application is available at the KMC website and the building company must submit it along with a copy of sanctioned building plans, proof of ownership, and a property-tax clearance certificate. The municipal website provides information on the application process, tariffs, and all forms.
1 day No cost
* 14 Apply for permanent phone connection at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (National)

The building company must apply for the telephone connection at the local BSNL office. To obtain a commercial connection, the building company must submit the application along with a proof of ownership of the business and the Permanent Account Number (PAN) card. The same tariff applies across the country, with minor differences due to local demand. The following charges must be paid: INR 500, in case there is a waiting list for registration charges; INR 300 in installation charges (if fewer than 500 lines) or INR 500 (if more than 500 lines); and a refundable security deposit of INR 2,000.
1 day INR 500 (flat installation charge)
* 15 Receive inspection from electricity provider CESCO (Municipal)

An inspection is made by CESCO engineers to establish a cost and work estimate.
1 day No cost
* 16 Receive inspection from the Sewerage and Drainage Department (Municipal)

After receiving the application, an assistant engineer or executive engineer inspects the premises and asks the building company to submit the internal drainage plan. At the end of the inspection, a "demand note" is handed over to the plumber for the building company to pay drainage charges. The Sewerage Department also officially approves the internal drainage plan.
1 day No cost
* 17 Receive on-site inspection from the Water Supply Department (Municipal)

The Water Supply Department prepares a feasibility study with details on charges after a site inspection.
1 day No cost
* 18 Receive second inspection and "house drainage completion certificate" from the Sewerage and Drainage Department (Municipal)

Once the work is finished, the Sewerage and Drainage Department inspects the site for the second time.
1 day No cost
* 19 Obtain permanent electricity connection from the CESCO and pay final fees (Municipal)

The building company receives a cost and service estimate and must go to the CESCO office to accept the "offer". It must submit a "test" report prepared by a licensed electrical contractor along with the Memorandum of Association and ownership documents. Once the building company accepts the offer and submits all documents, a final bill is generated and the building company must make the final payment. The connection costs about INR 700,000 out of which 2/3 covers labour costs and materials.
45 days INR 250,000 (1/3 of the average cost to get the electricity connection - 2/3 would cover the labor and material cost)
* 20 Obtain permanent water connection from the Water Supply Department (Municipal)

30 days INR 4,000 (flat water connection charge INR 4,000)
* 21 Obtain phone connection (with inspection) from the BSNL (National)

7 days No cost
22 Apply for final no objection certificate (NOC) from the West Bengal Fire Service (State)

1 day No cost
23 Obtain no objection certificate (NOC) with inspection from the West Bengal Fire Service (State)

Fire Department of Kolkata Municipal Corporation undertakes inspection of the construction site to ensure the safety of the building as well as of adjoining buildings.
20 days No cost
24 File a completion certificate and apply for occupancy permit at the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (Municipal)

The building company must send a notice of completion to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation as per Annex B of the Building Rules within a month after the completion and attach the following documents: a. Structural-stability certificate, duly certified by a structural engineer; b. Photo copy of plans; c. NOC from the West Bengal Fire Service; d. Internal sewerage sanction plan (sanctioned by the Drainage Department).
1 day No cost
25 Receive final inspection of the construction by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (Municipal)

Engineers and sub-engineers of the Municipal Corporation inspect the site and prepare inspection reports.
1 day No cost
26 Obtain occupancy permit from the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (Municipal)

The Chief Engineer, Department of Building, Kolkata Municipal Corporation issues the occupancy permit based on inspection reports. The fees for issuing completion certificate/occupancy permit for commercial buildings is as follows: a. Up to 500 square meters: INR 25,000; b. Above 500 square meters: INR 50,000.
30 days INR 50,000 (flat fee)
27 Obtain permanent sewerage connection from the Sewerage and Drainage Department (Municipal)

The house drainage connection is given 3 days after the occupancy permit.
3 days INR 7,500
  * Takes place simultaneously with another procedure.

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