Dealing with Construction Permits in

Patna - India

Below is a detailed summary of the procedures, time and costs to build a warehouse. This includes obtaining necessary licenses and permits, completing required notifications and inspections and obtaining utility connections.

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  • Measure of efficiency
    No. Procedure Time to Complete Associated Costs

    Obtain "planning report" (land-use permit) from the Patna Municipal Corporation (Municipal)

    2 days No cost

    Apply for drawing-plan approval/building permit from the Patna Municipal Corporation (Municipal)

    According to the Bihar Municipal Act (2007) the building company must submit an application along with the following documents to the Chief Municipal Officer, Patna Nagar Nigam, to obtain approval of the building construction plan:
    a. Copies of the building plans approved by a certified architect;
    b. MOA, AOA, and Certificate of Incorporation;
    c. Certificate from a structural architect or engineer.
    PMC sends a copy of the plans to the Fire Department internally to ensure that they adhere to the safety norms. A separate fire NOC is only required for hazardous and industrial storage.

    1 day INR 7,432 (commercial building permit fee of INR 8 per square meter of plot area)

    Receive site inspection from the Patna Municipal Corporation (Municipal)

    The Municipal Corporation scrutinizes the plans and visits the site. The plans are also internally reviewed by the Drainage Department to obtain their approval.

    1 day No cost

    Obtain building permit from the Patna Municipal Corporation (Municipal)

    105 days No cost

    Receive inspection by the executive/assistant engineer by the Patna Municipal Corporation (Municipal)

    Inspections are made on average twice during construction to ensure that the building is being erected in accordance with the sanctioned plans and there are no deviations.

    1 day No cost

    Receive inspection during construction of the ground level by the Patna Municipal Corporation (Municipal)

    1 day No cost

    Apply for electricity connection to the Bihar State Electricity Board (BSEB) (State)

    To get a new connection from the BSES, the building company must first get the requisition form from the nearest supply sub-division BSES office. The form must be submitted in duplicate to the assistant electrical engineer along with ownership documents and payment of the application fee of INR 200 as specified in the BSEB Patna tariff effective from 1 September 2008.

    1 day INR 200 (flat application fee)
    * 8

    Apply for permanent water and sewerage connection to the Patna Water Board (Municipal)

    The building company applies for a water connection by filing the application form available at the Patna Water Board office.

    1 day No cost
    * 9

    Apply for permanent phone connection at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (National)

    The building company must apply for the telephone connection at the local BSNL office. To obtain a commercial connection, the building company must submit the application along with a proof of ownership of the business and the Permanent Account Number (PAN) card. The same tariff applies across the country, with minor differences due to local demand. The following charges must be paid: INR 500, in case there is a waiting list for registration charges; INR 300 in installation charges (if fewer than 500 lines) or INR 500 (if more than 500 lines); and a refundable security deposit of INR 2,000.

    1 day INR 500 (flat installation charge)
    * 10

    Hire a licensed electrical contractor to certify the wiring (Private)

    BSES requires a test report on the wiring at the site along with details of load by an independent licensed electrical contractor.

    1 day No cost
    * 11

    Receive on-site inspection by the BSES (Municipal)

    BSES inspects the site to grant approval for a specific load and to determine the final connection fees.

    1 day No cost
    * 12

    Receive on-site inspection by the Patna Water Board (Municipal)

    Patna Water Board undertakes inspection of the premises to establish a cost estimate.

    1 day No cost
    * 13

    Obtain permanent electricity connection upon payment of final fees (Municipal)

    The building company must pay the final fees to obtain the connection.

    45 days INR 75,000
    * 14

    Obtain permanent water and sewerage connections from the Patna Water Board (Municipal)

    15 days INR 2,275 (flat connection fee)
    * 15

    Obtain phone connection (with inspection) from the BSNL (National)

    7 days No cost

    File completion certificate and apply for occupancy permit at the Patna Municipal Corporation (Municipal)

    The occupancy permit is required in Patna under the Bihar Municipal Act of 2007. Upon completion of the construction, a completion application is prepared by the architect or the owner stating that the construction has been completed in accordance with the regulations, and an occupancy certificate is issued.

    1 day No cost

    Obtain "no objection certificate" NOC (with inspection) from the Fire Service Directorate (State)

    All buildings higher than 15 meters or larger than 500 square meters of built-up area require inspection and NOC by the Fire Service Directorate.

    1 day No cost
    * 18

    Receive final inspection of the construction by the Patna Municipal Corporation (Municipal)

    1 day No cost

    Obtain approval of completion certificate (occupancy permit) from the Patna Municipal Corporation (Municipal)

    The occupancy permit shall be issued within 30 days.

    20 days No cost

    * Takes place simultaneously with previous procedure.