Dealing with Construction Permits in


Below is a detailed summary of the procedures, time and costs to build a warehouse in Iraq. This includes obtaining necessary licenses and permits, completing required notifications and inspections and obtaining utility connections.

This information was collected as part of the Doing Business project, which measures and compares regulations relevant to the life cycle of a small- to medium-sized domestic business in 190 economies. The most recent round of data collection was completed in June 2016. Read the methodology.

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  • Measure of efficiency
    No. Procedure Time to Complete Associated Costs

    Obtain ownership certificate and site map

    Agency: Real Estate Registration Directorate

    According to the Building Code, BuildCo must request an ownership certificate and a site map delineating the boundaries from the Real Estate Directorate. Both documents must be no more than 1 year old.

    7 days IQD 5,000

    Obtain property tax clearance from the Tax Agency

    Agency: Tax Agency

    BuildCo presents the ownership certificate to request a tax clearance which is required for the building permit. In addition, the property may also be subject to inspection.

    2 days no charge

    Request planning permission and location clearance

    Agency: Baghdad Mayoralty

    BuildCo must submit the preliminary drawings, including the ownership certificate, the site map and the property tax clearance. The Mayoralty will then conduct a site inspection to ensure that the boundaries match what is on the site map. Although this is a requirement, it does not always happen in practice.

    1 day no charge

    Receive site inspection from Baghdad Mayoralty

    Agency: Baghdad Mayoralty

    1 day no charge

    Obtain planning permission and location clearance

    Agency: Baghdad Mayoralty

    34 days USD 7

    Obtain building permit

    Agency: Municipality

    The following documents must be submitted:

    a. Ownership title that is no more than 1 year old
    b. Location map that is no more than 1 year old
    c. Tax clearance certificate from the Tax Division of the Real Estate Registry indicating that all taxes have been paid on the land
    d. Engineering drawings

    Fees for the building permit are as follows:

    1- Building fees: IQD 20 / sq. m
    2- Removal of building debris fees after completion of construction (refundable): IQD 50 / sq. m.
    3- Cost of materials supplied for paving the pedestrian sidewalk: IQD 500 / m (assumed to be 30 m - see details in procedure 1)
    4- Additional fees: IQD 200,000
    5- Numbering fee: IQD 6,000
    6- Administrative fees: IQD 500
    7- Inspection fees: IQD 3,000
    8- Stamp fees: IQD 100

    Total building permit fee: (20*1,300.6) + (500*30) + 200,000 + 6,000 + 500 + 3,000 + 100 = IQD 250,612

    75 days IQD 250,612
    * 7

    Obtain project clearance from Water and Sewage Directorate

    Agency: Water and Sewage Directorate

    45 days no charge
    * 8

    Obtain project clearance from Civil Defense

    Agency: Civil Defense

    60 days no charge

    Receive random inspection by Municipality

    Agency: Municipality

    Inspectors from the Municipality will inspect the construction site randomly without a formal request from BuildCo. Construction work is not interrupted.

    1 day no charge

    Receive final inspection from Municipality

    Agency: Municipality

    1 day no charge

    Obtain water and sewage connection

    Agency: Water Directorate

    45 days USD 500

    * Takes place simultaneously with previous procedure.

  • Measure of quality
    Answer Score
    Building quality control index (0-15) 5.5
    Quality of building regulations index (0-2) 1.0
    How accessible are building laws and regulations in your economy? (0-1) Available online; Free of charge. 1.0
    Which requirements for obtaining a building permit are clearly specified in the building regulations or on any accessible website, brochure or pamphlet? (0-1) List of required documents; Fees to be paid. 0.0
    Quality control before construction index (0-1) 1.0
    Which third-party entities are required by law to verify that the building plans are in compliance with existing building regulations? (0-1) Licensed architect. 1.0
    Quality control during construction index (0-3) 0.0
    What types of inspections (if any) are required by law to be carried out during construction? (0-2) Unscheduled inspections. 0.0
    Do legally mandated inspections occur in practice during construction? (0-1) Mandatory inspections are not always done in practice during construction; Mandatory inspections are done most of the time during construction. 0.0
    Quality control after construction index (0-3) 2.0
    Is there a final inspection required by law to verify that the building was built in accordance with the approved plans and regulations? (0-2) Yes, final inspection is done by government agency. 2.0
    Do legally mandated final inspections occur in practice? (0-1) Final inspection does not always occur in practice; Final inspection occurs most of the time. 0.0
    Liability and insurance regimes index (0-2) 0.5
    Which parties (if any) are held liable by law for structural flaws or problems in the building once it is in use (Latent Defect Liability or Decennial Liability)? (0-1)  Architect or engineer. 0.5
    Which parties (if any) are required by law to obtain an insurance policy to cover possible structural flaws or problems in the building once it is in use (Latent Defect Liability Insurance or Decennial Insurance)? (0-1) No party is required by law to obtain insurance . 0.0
    Professional certifications index (0-4) 1.0
    What are the qualification requirements for the professional responsible for verifying that the architectural plans or drawings are in compliance with existing building regulations? (0-2) University degree in architecture or engineering. 0.0
    What are the qualification requirements for the professional who supervises the construction on the ground? (0-2) University degree in engineering, construction or construction management; Being a registered architect or engineer. 1.0