Starting a Business in


Below is a detailed summary of the bureaucratic and legal hurdles faced by entrepreneurs wishing to incorporate and register a new firm in Iraq. It examines the procedures, time and cost involved in launching a commercial or industrial firm with between 10 and 50 employees and start-up capital of 10 times the economy's per-capita gross national income.

This information was collected as part of the Doing Business project, which measures and compares regulations relevant to the life cycle of a small- to medium-sized domestic business in 190 economies. The most recent round of data collection was completed in June 2016.

Compare Iraq to 189 other economies.

  • No. Procedure Time to Complete Associated Costs

    Obtain husband's approval to leave home

    Agency: Domicile

    According to Personal Status Law No. 188 of 1959, Article 25:

    1- There is no alimony for the wife in the following cases:
    A- If she left her husband’s household without permission and for no legitimate reason
    B- If she was imprisoned for a crime or debt;
    C- If she refrained from travelling with her husband for an illegitimate reason.

    1 day no charge

    Reserve a unique company name at the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce

    Agency: Baghdad Chamber of Commerce

    Lawyers require that the client provides them with 10 different names.The company name should be an Arabic name. A special department at the Chamber of Commerce, Trade Names, starts by searching the suggested name through their system to see if the name is already taken or reserved by another company. Once a name is agreed upon and available, the name is reserved upon payment of a nominal fee.

    1 day IQD 250,000

    Reserve a unique company name at the Federation of Chambers of Commerce

    Agency: Federation of Chambers of Commerce

    If the chosen company name is available at the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce, the applicant receives a letter confirming that the name is available.
    Then, the applicant needs to go to the Federal Chamber of Commerce with that letter in order to do another name search at the federal level. It is not possible to do the search at the Federal Chamber of Commerce without having the letter from the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce. If the name is available
    Lawyers require that the client provides them with 10 different names.

    1 day IQD 250,000

    Hire a lawyer to draft articles of association

    Agency: Lawyer

    Because lawyers are required to draft the articles of association, they are often also in charge of completing the registration process. The cost varies with the law firm. The lawyers drafting and signing the articles of association are usually licensed by the Company Registrar as a Company Registrar Agents.

    1 day about IQD 1,500,000

    Deposit the initial capital at a commercial bank and Obtain proof thereof

    Agency: Bank

    The company deposits the initial capital and obtains a confirmation receipt, which must be filed with the company registration application submitted to the Companies Registrar. The capital will be blocked in the bank account under the name of the company. It can be withdrawn immediately upon the issuance of the certificate of registration by the Registrar.

    The fee varies depending on the bank of choice. It ranges from IQD 5,000 is paid if the bank is a public bank, up to IQD 25,000 for some private banks.

    2 days IQD 5,000 - IQD 25,000

    Apply for registration at the Companies Registry

    Agency: Companies Registry

    Fees are paid directly to the Companies Registrar. The fee schedule adopted by the Companies Registrar at the Ministry combines different fees (Registrar fees of approximately IQD 50,000; stamp duty of 2/1000 of the company capital; filing fees; certain checking process, etc.).

    The Companies Registrar circulates the registration certificate to Al Rashed Bank, Al Rafidian Bank, Social Security Agency, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Planning, the Central Bank, the tax authority, and other relevant agencies (including labor and so forth).

    The following documents and information must be presented to the Registrar:
    - Chambers of Commerce Union letter (to ensure the consistency of the company or trade name with other registrations)
    - Certified letter of capital deposit from the bank
    - Iraqi identify cards, and Proof of Iraqi certified citizenship
    - Ration card revocation (food distribution form) by the Ministry of Trade (although not legally required, asked for in practice)
    - Lease or ownership agreement
    - Phone number(s), email address(es), and P.O. box number(s) of the company's founder(s)
    –Power of attorney
    –Articles of Association

    Starting in April 2015, applicants submit registration application online on the company registration portal tasjeel.mot.gov.iq. Upon confirmation of acceptance of the application, applicants visit the Registry office to provide hard copies of the necessary documentation and for identity check.

    21 days IQD 250,000 - 350,000

    Obtain the registration certificate

    Agency: Companies Registry

    The Companies Registrar issues the certification of registration and publishes the company formation announcement in an internal Bulletin.
    On the date of issuance of the certificate of registration, the company acquires its legal personality. A registration circular will be sent to all the concerned entities.

    1 day included in procedure 4

    Make a company seal

    Agency: Seal maker

    Seal makers often ask for a copy of the certificate of registration in order to make a company seal which will reflect the exact name of the company as written on the registration certificate.

    2 days IQD 20,000

    Register for taxes at the General Commission of Taxation

    Agency: Tax Authority

    The Tax identification Number (TIN) is assigned to the company when the Registrar circulates the company registration certificate to the Tax Authority.

    2 days IQD 450,000

    Register employees for social security

    Agency: Social Security Office

    The cost for social security registration depends on the number of employees. The employer will deduct 5% from the employee’s salary and add to it an amount equal to 12% of the employee’s salary, resulting in a total contribution of 17% to the Social Security Authority.

    3 days IQD 20,000

    Applies to women only.