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Region Europe & Central Asia
Income Category Upper middle income
Population 17,544,126
GNI Per Capita (US$) 11,580
City covered Almaty



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DB 2017 DTF (% points)

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Topics DB 2017 Rank DB 2016 Rank info_outline Change in Rank DB 2017 DTF (% points) info_outline DB 2016 DTF (% points) info_outline Change in DTF (% points) info_outline
Overall 35 51 up
75.09 70.45 down
Starting a Business 45 54 up
91.94 89.95 up
Dealing with Construction Permits 22 78 up
79.05 69.93 up
Getting Electricity 75 102 up
73.64 64.81 up
Registering Property 18 18
83.72 83.59 up
Getting Credit 75 70 down
55.00 55.00
Protecting Minority Investors 3 25 up
80.00 66.67 up
Paying Taxes 60 57 down
79.54 79.54
Trading across Borders 119 128 up
63.19 60.39 up
Enforcing Contracts 9 9
75.70 75.70
Resolving Insolvency 37 46 up
69.17 58.97 up

Positive= Doing Business reform making it easier to do business.Negative= Change making it more difficult to do business.

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Legal form Private Limited Liability Company
Paid-in minimum capital requirement KZT 0
City Almaty
Indicator Kazakhstan Europe & Central Asia OECD high income
Procedure – Men (number) info_outline 5 4.9 4.8
Time – Men (days) info_outline 9 10.2 8.3
Cost – Men (% of income per capita) info_outline 0.3 4.7 3.1
Procedure – Women (number) info_outline 5 4.9 4.8
Time – Women (days) info_outline 9 10.2 8.3
Cost – Women (% of income per capita) info_outline 0.3 4.7 3.1
Paid-in min. capital (% of income per capita) info_outline 0 4.0 9.2
  • No. Procedure Time to Complete Associated Costs

    State registration of legal entity

    Agency: Public Registration Center or e-government website

    Registration of medium-sized and large-sized business entities is performed based on a “one-stop-shop” principle: all the registration documents should be submitted to one state authority, the Public/Population Service Centers:

    The relevant justice authority shall issue a certificate of state registration of a company not later than 1 day following the day of submission. If documents are filed online via electronic government portal the state registration shall be performed within 1 hour from the moment of documents submission. SMEs are exempted from payment of a registration fee as of January 1, 2015.

    The list of the required documents includes the following:
    1) a notification on commencement of entrepreneurial activity;
    2) copies of IDs; and
    3) power of attorney (if applicable).

    In order to register online, entrepreneurs need to obtain an electronic signature. An electronic signature can be obtained at public registration centers on the day of company registration of the founders do not have it already. It is common for entrepreneurs to have an individual e-signature or have an ID with a chip. To validate a new signature, in-person presence in the center is required.

    Besides individual electronic signature of company founders, company should have a separate electronic identification. It can be obtained in the Public/Population Service Center on the same day as company registration itself. After obtaining electronic identification, company name check can be quickly performed at the Service Centre to ensure the name is unique and available. Registration of a company takes as little as 15 minutes and the electronic registration certificate can be printed out, sealed and signed by the registrar at the same time.

    1 day no charge

    Make a company seal

    Agency: Sealmaker

    Legal obligation to make company seal was abolished as per Law "On introduction of amendments and additions to certain legal acts on the issues of massive improvement of conditions for conducting entrepreneurial activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan" on December 29, 2014.
    However, in practice the majority of companies make a company seal to open a bank account and interact with counterparts.

    1 day KZT 5,000 - KZT 10,000

    Open the current account in the bank

    Agency: Commercial Bank

    To open a current account, the founder must provide the bank with the following documents:
    • Cards with sample signatures and an imprint of the company seal.
    • Copy of the state registration certificate of legal entity from the registration body of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
    • Copies of identity documents for person(s) listed on the signature card(s) and company founders.
    • Application for bank account setup (bank-provided form).

    1 day no charge
    * 4

    Register for VAT

    Agency: State Revenue Committee Ministry of Finance of Republic of Kazakhstan

    A company registers as a VAT taxpayer with the State Revenue Committee Ministry of Finance of Republic of Kazakhstan within the first 10 days of the month following the month when the threshold was reached. As of 2016, the threshold is 30,000 MCI (63,630,000 tenge). The registration happens according to the provisions of Article 568.5 of Tax Code of Republic of Kazakhstan.

    VAT registration requires the personal attendance of the CEO of the company to the tax authorities. Starting April 1, 2016 the VAT registration certificate is issued only in an electronic form. The necessary documents include: certificate of registration, passport of CEO, lease agreement, sale and purchase agreement or any other document proving the legal address of the company, decision of appointment of CEO, application form.
    The authorities will provide a response within 5 business days (7 calendar days).

    one week (simultaneous with previous procedure) no charge
    * 5

    Register for the obligatory insurance of life and health for employees

    Agency: Insurance Company

    Each employee should have employer-paid insurance according to the Law On Obligatory Insurance of The Liability of the Employer for Life and Health Tort to The Employee in Discharge of Labor and (Official) Duties (February 7, 2005) that became effective on July 1, 2005.The amount of insurance premium payable by an employer depends on insurance risks and wages. To assess risks, the insurance companies place all insurable personnel into three categories: administrative, operational, and support. Amounts of the insurance premium vary from 0.04% to 9.99%. According to 7 May 2007 amendments to the law on obligatory insurance, an employer is required to get an insurance policy within 10 business days from the date of state registration indicated in the company's Certificate of State Registration

    Payment of insurance premium (set out in an insurance agreement) is required.
    1. The amount of the insurance premium depends on insurance risks and the amount of annual payroll fund and is calculated as the amount of insurance coverage multiplied by an insurance tariff which as set out by the law in the range of 0.12% to 2.96%.
    2. Insurable personnel is not divided into three categories (administrative, operational and support) as previously for the purposes of risk assessment.
    3. An employer is required to get an insurance policy within the first 10 days of the month following the month of company registration.

    1 day (simultaneous with previous procedure) no charge

    * Takes place simultaneously with previous procedure.