Dealing with Construction Permits in

Eldoret - Kenya

Below is a detailed summary of the procedures, time and costs to build a warehouse. This includes obtaining necessary licenses and permits, completing required notifications and inspections and obtaining utility connections.

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  • Estimated value of warehouse: KES 32,500,000
  • City: Eldoret
No. Procedure Time to Complete Associated Costs
1 Request approval of the architectural plans from the Eldoret Municipal Council

BuildCo submits an approval request together with building plans. The officer in charge of verification checks the rates clearance and the zoning requirements. If it complies with the regulation, BuildCo is then charged a scrutiny fee and a circulation fee. The municipality makes information available at its website (
1 day KES 21,626 [KES 2,000 for the building occupancy certificate + KES 10,486 for scrutiny fees + KES 200 for submission forms + KES 3,640 for structural fees + KES 300 for the Physical Planning Act 1 (PPA1) form + KES 5,000 for public health fees]
2 Submit project plans and get approval from the Physical Planning Department (Ministry of Lands)

The application has to be approved by the Physical Planning Department and the Lands Office of the Ministry of Lands.
3 days KES 3,400 (KES 1,700 per floor)
3 Obtain final approval from the municipal council

Architectural and structural plans are presented to a technical committee for verification. The technical committee is made up of an engineer, a public health officer and an environmental expert—all within the municipality. The technical committee meets every Friday and, if everything is in order, approves plans as a team. This technical committee was formed in 2010 (appointment letter ref: EMC/ADM.2/1/IV/53 dated 14th October, 2010) replacing the need for separate approvals, as required previously. Also, approvals no longer require ratification by the Town Planning Committee before being communicated to the applicant. The council established this policy in 2010 based on the guidelines set by the Ministry of Local Government (see circular number 5/2002 dated 13th June 2002). Currently, approved development plans are reported to the planning committee on monthly basis.
30 days No cost (paid in procedure 1)
4 Obtain project report from an environmental expert

A licensed environmental expert must be hired to prepare a project report to be submitted to the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).
5 days KES 50,000
5 Obtain approval from the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)

Projects of all risk categories are subject the NEMA approval, including BuildCo’s warehouse. In 2009, the cost was lowered from 0.1% to 0.05% of warehouse value (KES 32,500,000).
The regulation regarding environmental approvals for Kenya has been in place since 1999. However, in recent years NEMA has started enforcing the rules more vigorously. The legislation is not clear on which categories of buildings this regulation would apply to, but most townships and municipalities require it for all commercial constructions.
NEMA conducts periodic inspections during the construction. If new projects at the moment of inspection do not have an environmental approval, they may order the project be closed and erected objects demolished. Therefore, construction companies are now obtaining the environmental approval before the building is completed. BuildCo would usually hire an environmental expert to prepare the environmental report and to deal with approval from NEMA.
30 days KES 16,250 (0.05% of total project cost)
6 Notify the Eldoret Municipal Council of the commencement of building work and receive a routine on-site inspection

Inspectors from the Eldoret Municipal Council are available during business hours every day. There are several inspections required by the municipal by-laws. However, the common practice is that inspectors only come for routine checks during the construction phase. They stop by the construction site while the construction continues and check if everything is being built in accordance with the architectural plans submitted initially. The cost for this inspection is included in the scrutiny fees paid in procedure 1. The Municipal Council Engineer's Department provides BuildCo with an inspection card upon approval of the plans. The inspectors are required by law to sign the inspection card on site and also note any changes in layout for purposes of preparing as-built drawings.
1 day No cost (paid in procedure 1)
7 Request an occupancy certificate and receive a final on-site inspection by the municipal authority

BuildCo informs the Municipal Council Engineer's Department that the warehouse is completed. The municipal engineer or other officers inspect the warehouse and confirm whether the structure conforms to all the relevant building plans.
2 days No cost
8 Obtain an occupancy certificate

The inspection card (PPA1) is fully filled and an occupancy certificate is issued by the Municipal Council Engineer's Department. The cost for the occupancy certificate is paid in procedure 1.
1 day No cost (paid in procedure 1)
9 Apply for water and sewerage connection at Eldoret Water & Sewerage Company (ELDOWAS)

To apply for water and sewerage connection, BuildCo has to submit the following: a. Application form; b. Identification card; c. Personal identification number (PIN); d. Sketch map of the warehouse site. At this stage no costs are absorbed since BuildCo has to wait for the Eldoret Water and Sewerage Company (ELDOWAS) officers to visit the site and ascertain whether there is an existing water line near the building site and whether there will be sufficient supply in the future. Application forms for water and sewerage connection can be downloaded from ELDOWAS website (
1 day No cost
10 Pay water and sewerage installation costs and obtain connection

3 days KES 3,660
* 11 Apply and pay for telephone connection

BuildCo applies for telephone connection at the local Orange Telkom Kenya office where readily available forms can be immediately filled out and submitted. To obtain a commercial connection the applicant needs to submit, along with the application, proof of ownership of the business and an identification card. The same tariff and connection fee apply across the country.
1 day KES 3,395 (pre-paid connection cost)
  * Takes place simultaneously with another procedure.

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