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Below is a detailed summary of the steps, time and cost involved in registering property in Tanzania. It assumes a standardized case of an entrepreneur who wants to purchase land and a building that is already registered and free of title dispute.

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  • Standard Property Transfer

  • Property value: TZS 55,109,995.9
  • City: Dar es Salaam
No. Procedure Time to Complete Associated Costs
1 Obtain an official search at the Land Registry
Agency: Registry of Titles

The seller must obtain the search of any encumbrance before starting the transaction formally. The document does not necessarily show all the owners of the property in the last 10 years.
7 days (simultaneous with Procedures 2, 3, and 4) TZS 40,000
* 2 Submit application letter to obtain evaluation at Ministry of Lands
Agency: Ministry of Lands

The seller can request the valuation report at the Ministry of Lands. The valuation report can will be prepared by the Ministry of Lands (valuation department) and sent to a government valuer for approval. Regardless, final approval must be given by the Chief Government Valuer. It does not necessarily include or reflect cadastral value of the property. Valuation of the property is for purposes of ascertaining stamp duty and Capital Gains Tax. The documentation shall include: • Property title issued by the Land Office and/or Land Registry • Land rent payment clearance for the current year (obtained in Procedure 3) • ID of the seller (citizenship, photo, if married and property is matrimonial property to prove spouse consent to the transaction) • Cadastral map/plan of the property prepared by an architect if it is a lease of part of the property such as a flat in a block building
7 days (1 day to submit application + 6-day waiting period for evaluation appointment) (simultaneous with Procedures 1, 3 and 4 ) The official valuation fee is calculated by using the following formula: (Property Value – 200,000) * (1.25/1,000) + 550 + valuation approval fee of 0.01% of property value
* 3 Obtain land rent clearance from the Land Ministry showing payment of rents for the past 10 years
Agency: Land Ministry

The seller is required to obtain a land rent clearance from the Land Ministry, showing that all land rents have been paid for the past 10 years.
1 day (simultaneous with Procedures 1, 2, and 4) no cost
4 A government valuer inspects the property to confirm its value
Agency: Ministry of Lands

A government valuer must determine the value of the property and, where necessary, establish a cadastral value and prepare a cadastral plan. In certain instances, the Chief Government Valuer may, inspect the property valued to confirm that the valuation report accurately reflects the correct property value. The valuation report must be approved by the Chief Government Valuer.
7 days (1 day to complete valuation + 6-day waiting period for delivery of valuation report). Paid in Procedure 4
5 Notarization and execution of the sale agreement and preparation of the transfer deed
Agency: Notary

A lawyer usually prepares and notarizes the sale agreement, and prepares the transfer deed, which takes about two days. Notarization of the sale agreement is mandatory. The process can be delayed if the seller fails to provide all the necessary documents for the preparation of the sale agreement and transfer deed. The process can also be delayed if the parties take a long time to negotiate and execute the documents. The cost of preparation is officially 3%, however this is negotiable with the lawyers involved.
1 day Approximately 3% of property value
6 Obtain approval for the transfer
Agency: Commissioner of Lands

This stage involves obtaining approval from the Commissioner of Lands for the disposition of the property. Documentation shall include: • Original Certificate of Title • Original Land Rent receipt for the relevant year • Original Valuation Report • Original Valuation Approval receipt • Transfer forms • Forms 29 (form for Notification of a disposition) • Form 30 (form for Application of grant of approval for disposition) • Copy of Passport/birth certificate (of two directors of the seller and buyer) • Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company (seller and buyer) • Board Minutes approving the disposition of the property in respect of the seller and Board minutes approving the purchase in respect of the buyer
14-21 days TZS 5,000 approval fee
7 Obtain a capital gains tax certificate from the Tanzania Revenue Authority
Agency: Tanzania Revenue Authority

A Capital Gains Tax Clearance Certificate is obtained from the Tanzania Revenue Authority before the name of buyer is recorded in the Land Office or the Land Registry.
14-21 days Capital Gains tax is calculated as 10% of the amount gained by the Buying Company
8 The transfer deed is delivered to the Land Officer for its recording under the name of the buyer at the Lands Registry
Agency: Registry of Titles

Once approval has been obtained (see Procedure 8) the seller then pays the stamp duty and registration fees and also ensures that all the other taxes in respect of the property have been settled including Capital Gains Tax described in Procedure 9 above. Once all these fees are paid the transfer is then registered and the buyer is recorded as the owner of the property. Documentation Requirements: • Notarized sale agreement and transfer deed • Capital Gains Tax clearance certificate from the TRA • Consent letter from the Commissioner of Lands • The original title deed • Proof of payment of all necessary fees, i.e. land rent and registration fees
14 days 1% of property value (Stamp duty) + Registration Fee as follows: registration fee (0.25% of the property value + 500 for the instrument)
* Takes place simultaneously with another procedure.

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