Getting Electricity in


Below is a detailed summary of the procedures, time and cost required for a business to obtain an electricity connection for a newly constructed building in Turkey.

This information was collected as part of the Doing Business project, which measures and compares regulations relevant to the life cycle of a small- to medium-sized domestic business in 190 economies. The most recent round of data collection was completed in June 2016.

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  • Measure of efficiency
    No. Procedure Time to Complete Associated Costs

    Hire electrical engineer, apply for connection, await estimate and sign connection agreement

    Agency: CLK Boğaziçi Elektrik Perakende Satış A.Ş.

    The customer hires one or many electrical engineers registered with the Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO) or an engineering company (with an engineer on the payroll who is registered with the Chamber of Electrical Engineers).

    The Engineer prepares the electrical project based on the facility’s architectural project. Part of the electricity project, the engineer prepares a connection scheme (for both internal and external installations). For connection applications, this project is obligatory. The engineer will be in charge of the external works, and most of the time also carries out the internal installation.

    BOĞAZİÇİ ELEKTRİK DAĞITIM A.Ş. (BEDAŞ) will check the network to see if at the point of connection a transformer is needed. If so, the client is required to install a transformer. Along with the application, the engineer submits the electricity project.

    The client submits the following in addition to the electricity project to BEDAŞ:

    • Letter of application
    • Copy of ID card of Company Representative
    • Company seal
    • Rental contract / ownership documentation (land deed, certificate of occupancy)
    • Technical Production Form (Description of the business)
    • Consent License ( from shareholders for the tenants )
    • Trade Registry Gazette
    • Tax Registration Certificate
    • List of authorized signatories
    • Letter of authorization from public notary for the people managing the process, but not listed in the company's list of authorized signatories
    • Requested capacity
    • Invoice of payment of connection fees

    The application for connection is evaluated by BEDAŞ, taking into consideration the requirements for expansion investment or new investment within the framework of the existing circumstances of the distribution system.

    BOĞAZİÇİ ELEKTRİK DAĞITIM A.Ş. (BEDAŞ) comes and inspects the site. Accordingly:

    • If the existing circumstances of the distribution system are suitable for connection, the connection scheme is approved and a connection agreement is signed between the utility and the client upon submission of required documents;
    • If the existing circumstances of the distribution system are not suitable for connection (as in our case where a substation is needed), the client is advised about a reasonable period to complete the connection.

    30 calendar days TRY 5,387.85

    Obtain excavation permit from municipality

    Agency: Istanbul Municipality/ Zeytinburnu Municipality (depending on whether land is on main arterial road or not)

    The customer needs to obtain an excavation permit from Istanbul Municipality in order to carry out the works. The permit can be applied for after the electricity project has been approved. The customer needs to submit the approved electricity project, the occupancy permit, and state their address (no official document is needed).

    8 calendar days TRY 1,000

    Obtain external works from private firm or registered electrical engineer

    Agency: Private firm/ Electrical engineer(s)

    In the assumed area connections are generally made underground.

    Physical implementation of both internal and external wiring is outsourced to the same Engineer or any other similar Engineers.

    The external works consist of the construction of private substation and underground connection to a central substation. The Engineer(s) will need to purchase the material for the external connection.

    18 calendar days TRY 136,945.84

    Submit Electricity Structural Project and await meter installation and final connection

    Agency: CLK Boğaziçi Elektrik Perakende Satış A.Ş.

    Following the wiring and completion of implementation, the client is required to submit a post-implementation electricity project called “Electricity Structural Project.”

    This is followed by BOĞAZİÇİ ELEKTRİK DAĞITIM A.Ş. (BEDAŞ) inspection of the internal wiring. Connection is made by the utility following its checking of the wiring (no inspection of entire internal wiring is done during the process, just of the interface).

    The compatibility of the metering devices and the circuits of the client are tested, and the relevant parts of the meters and measurement circuits are sealed and first index read on the meter. Connection to the system is then recorded by the distribution licensee.

    7 calendar days TRY 7,869.7

  • Measure of quality
    Reliability of supply and transparency of tariff index (0-8)
    Total duration and frequency of outages per customer a year (0-3)
    System average interruption duration index (SAIDI) 16.42
    System average interruption frequency index (SAIFI) 8.64
    Mechanisms for monitoring outages (0-1)
    Does the distribution utility use automated tools to monitor outages? Yes
    Mechanisms for restoring service (0-1)
    Does the distribution utility use automated tools to restore service? Yes
    Regulatory monitoring (0-1)
    Does a regulator—that is, an entity separate from the utility—monitor the utility’s performance on reliability of supply? Yes
    Financial deterrents aimed at limiting outages (0-1)
    Does the utility either pay compensation to customers or face fines by the regulator (or both) if outages exceed a certain cap? Yes
    Communication of tariffs and tariff changes (0-1)
    Are effective tariffs available online? Yes
    Link to the website, if available online http://lisans.epdk.org.tr/epvys-tarife/faces/pages/tarife.xhtml http://ener...
    Are customers notified of a change in tariff ahead of the billing cycle? Yes
    Price of electricity (US cents per kWh) 14.2


    If the duration and frequency of outages is 100 or less, the economy is eligible to score on the Reliability of supply and transparency of tariff index.

    If the duration and frequency of outages is not available, or is over 100, the economy is not eligible to score on the index.