The data collection for entrepreneurship project was completed in June 2015. To measure entrepreneurial activity, annual data was collected directly from 136 company registrars on the number of newly registered firms. The data can help answer such questions as these:

  • What are the trends in new firm creation across regions and income groups?
  • What is the relationship between entrepreneurship and the business environment and financial development?
  • How much did the financial crisis affect entrepreneurial activity in the formal sector?

Data is provided on new business entry density, defined as the number of newly registered corporations per 1,000 working-age people (those ages 15–64). As in the World Bank’s annual Doing Business report, the units of measurement are private, formal sector companies with limited liability. The data was collected with the support of the Kauffman Foundation.

      Download data on formation of new limited liability companies from 2002-2014 (Excel)

AfghanistanSouth Asia20120.152,289
AlbaniaEurope & Central Asia20131.112,114
AlgeriaMiddle East & North Africa20140.5815,574
Antigua and BarbudaLatin America & Caribbean20143.53219
ArgentinaLatin America & Caribbean20140.4311,672
ArmeniaEurope & Central Asia20141.523,139
AustraliaOECD high income201414.91231,920
AustriaOECD high income20140.734,181
AzerbaijanEurope & Central Asia20140.996,803
BangladeshSouth Asia20120.099,193
BelarusEurope & Central Asia20141.057,019
BelgiumOECD high income20132.0514,897
BelizeLatin America & Caribbean20143.08655
BhutanSouth Asia20140.0630
BoliviaLatin America & Caribbean20140.573,734
Bosnia and HerzegovinaEurope & Central Asia20140.832,192
BotswanaSub-Saharan Africa201413.1116,850
BrazilLatin America & Caribbean20142.8873,614
BulgariaEurope & Central Asia20148.8642,613
Burkina FasoSub-Saharan Africa20120.151,268
CanadaOECD high income20141.2830,904
ChileOECD high income20148.0398,406
ColombiaLatin America & Caribbean2012262,993
Congo, Dem. Rep.Sub-Saharan Africa20140.051,765
Cook Islands*Latin America & Caribbean201411.6488
Costa RicaLatin America & Caribbean20141.13,778
CroatiaEurope & Central Asia20144.6313,073
CyprusEurope & Central Asia201413.711,169
Czech RepublicOECD high income20143.4224,366
DenmarkOECD high income20144.3615,806
DominicaLatin America & Caribbean20093.3158
Dominican RepublicLatin America & Caribbean20141.28,061
El SalvadorLatin America & Caribbean20140.522,104
EstoniaOECD high income201416.0513,867
EthiopiaSub-Saharan Africa20090.031,327
FinlandOECD high income20143.4311,961
FranceOECD high income20142.2694,927
GabonSub-Saharan Africa20094.113,490
GeorgiaEurope & Central Asia20145.6517,136
GermanyOECD high income20131.2968,526
GrenadaLatin America & Caribbean20142.03143
GuatemalaLatin America & Caribbean20120.524,306
Guernsey*East Asia & Pacific201439.741,767
GuineaSub-Saharan Africa20140.13839
HaitiLatin America & Caribbean20120.06383
Hong Kong SAR, ChinaEast Asia & Pacific201431.3167,280
HungaryOECD high income20143.6624,479
IcelandOECD high income20149.482,059
IndiaSouth Asia20140.1298,029
IndonesiaEast Asia & Pacific20120.2947,549
IraqMiddle East & North Africa20120.132,309
IrelandOECD high income20145.7817,601
Isle of Man*Europe & Central Asia201245.272,287
IsraelOECD high income20143.1115,680
ItalyOECD high income20142.3291,853
JamaicaLatin America & Caribbean201411,775
JapanOECD high income20140.1511,886
Jersey*Europe & Central Asia200937.572,329
JordanMiddle East & North Africa20140.994,093
KazakhstanEurope & Central Asia20121.7119,568
KenyaSub-Saharan Africa20141.845,366
KiribatiEast Asia & Pacific20110.117
Korea, Rep.OECD high income20142.384,676
KosovoEurope & Central Asia20144.272,100
Kyrgyz RepublicEurope & Central Asia20141.084,100
Lao PDREast Asia & Pacific20110.31,172
LatviaEurope & Central Asia201410.6113,991
LesothoSub-Saharan Africa20141.551,942
Liechtenstein*Europe & Central Asia20141.1729
LithuaniaEurope & Central Asia20144.198,481
LuxembourgOECD high income20126.112,224
Macedonia, FYREurope & Central Asia20143.75,519
MadagascarSub-Saharan Africa20140.111,460
MalawiSub-Saharan Africa20090.08619
MalaysiaEast Asia & Pacific20142.3749,203
MaldivesSouth Asia20094.39904
MaltaMiddle East & North Africa201417.265,062
MauritiusSub-Saharan Africa20145.144,633
MexicoLatin America & Caribbean20140.9476,447
MoldovaEurope & Central Asia20091.634,180
MongoliaEast Asia & Pacific20146.3112,492
MontenegroEurope & Central Asia20146.852,901
MoroccoMiddle East & North Africa20141.5434,658
NamibiaSub-Saharan Africa20120.851,157
NepalSouth Asia20140.6911,904
NetherlandsOECD high income20145.3458,900
Netherlands Antilles*Latin America & Caribbean20097.991,227
New ZealandOECD high income201416.6349,156
NigeriaSub-Saharan Africa20140.7671,941
NorwayOECD high income20147.7225,888
OmanMiddle East & North Africa20131.022,730
PakistanSouth Asia20140.044,830
PanamaLatin America & Caribbean201214.134,468
PeruLatin America & Caribbean20142.4448,787
PhilippinesEast Asia & Pacific20120.2716,143
PolandOECD high income20090.5314,434
PortugalOECD high income20144.6231,860
QatarMiddle East & North Africa20141.73,288
RomaniaEurope & Central Asia20144.0756,381
Russian FederationEurope & Central Asia20144.2427,388
RwandaSub-Saharan Africa20141.499,991
SamoaEast Asia & Pacific20121.04112
São Tomé and PríncipeSub-Saharan Africa20143.04332
SenegalSub-Saharan Africa20140.32,375
SerbiaEurope & Central Asia20141.628,021
Sierra LeoneSub-Saharan Africa20120.321,062
SingaporeEast Asia & Pacific20149.5138,306
Slovak RepublicOECD high income20143.112,027
SloveniaOECD high income20144.446,243
South AfricaSub-Saharan Africa20111.8259,731
South SudanSub-Saharan Africa20120.784,579
SpainOECD high income20142.9791,544
Sri LankaSouth Asia20120.516,975
St. LuciaLatin America & Caribbean20140.5670
St. Vincent and the GrenadinesLatin America & Caribbean20121.37101
SurinameLatin America & Caribbean20141.36490
SwedenOECD high income20146.8742,063
SwitzerlandOECD high income20122.5313,730
Syrian Arab RepublicMiddle East & North Africa20110.04598
Taiwan, ChinaEast Asia & Pacific20142.134,897
TajikistanEurope & Central Asia20120.261,251
ThailandEast Asia & Pacific20140.943,589
Timor-LesteEast Asia & Pacific20144.632,889
TogoSub-Saharan Africa20140.26995
TongaEast Asia & Pacific20121.91114
TunisiaMiddle East & North Africa20131.6712,691
TurkeyEurope & Central Asia20141.1357,760
UgandaSub-Saharan Africa20121.1720,800
UkraineEurope & Central Asia20120.9229,650
United Arab EmiratesMiddle East & North Africa20121.3810,814
United KingdomOECD high income201211.62479,545
UruguayLatin America & Caribbean20122.986,473
UzbekistanEurope & Central Asia20120.6412,801
VanuatuEast Asia & Pacific20092.34311
Virgin Islands, British*Latin America & Caribbean20092,604.7647,477
ZambiaSub-Saharan Africa20141.3310,199

* This economy is not covered in the Doing Business report.

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