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This topic identifies the bureaucratic and legal hurdles an entrepreneur must overcome to incorporate and register a new firm. It examines the procedures, time and cost involved in launching a commercial or industrial firm with up to 50 employees and start-up capital of 10 times the economy's per-capita gross national income (GNI).

The information appearing on this page was collected as part of the Doing Business subnational project in Philippines, which measures and compares regulations relevant to the life cycle of a small to medium-sized domestic business in cities and regions.

Data Guide

The following table shows data for the main indicators; hover over the column headings to learn more about the components of each indicator. Click on column headings to sort data. To see Starting a Business details for a specific economy, click on the links below.

The total number of procedures required to register a firm. A procedure is defined as any interaction of the company founders with external parties (for example, government agencies, lawyers, auditors or notaries).

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Procedures (number)

The total number of days required to register a firm. The measure captures the median duration that incorporation lawyers indicate is necessary to complete a procedure with minimum follow-up with government agencies and no extra payments.

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Time (days)

Cost is recorded as a percentage of the economy’s income per capita. It includes all official fees and fees for legal or professional services if such services are required by law.

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Cost (% of income per capita)

The amount that the entrepreneur needs to deposit in a bank or with a notary before registration and up to 3 months following incorporation and is recorded as a percentage of the economy’s income per capita.

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Paid-in min. capital (% of income per capita)
Batangas City18..193426.76.0
Cagayan de Oro14..173227.86.0
Cebu City7..153124.76.0
Davao City2..172717.06.0
General Santos1..172215.36.0
Iloilo City20..205622.36.0
Las Piñas24..213534.76.0
Quezon City12..163621.46.0
San Juan25..213926.36.0
Zamboanga City6..202816.96.0

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