DB News - 8th Issue, April 2012

DBNews, published semiannually, is a platform for exchanging information and ideas among the ever-growing community of Doing Business contributors across the world.

Doing Business 2013 Survey Collection Underway

Thank you to contributors who have completed surveys for this year's report. We look forward to acknowledging your participation. If you have any questions about the surveys, please email your Doing Business team contact or DBNews@worldbank.org.

Here is the Doing Business data collection cycle:

- February - March: Doing Business sends surveys to contributors
- March - April: Contributors return completed surveys
- March - May: Doing Business codes the data from completed surveys, researches underlying laws and regulations, and conducts follow-up calls with contributors to clarify any questions
- June 1: Close of data collection and the deadline for recording business regulation reforms
- June - September: Production period for latest edition of Doing Business report
- October - January: Doing Business road shows and launch events

Your Contribution Has an Impact!

Please be assured that your time and expertise has an impact on business regulations around the world. Your daily interactions with the laws and procedures of your country helps guide policymakers, the aid community, investors, and researchers.

In addition to the World Bank Group's frequent interactions with governments to review report findings and discuss possible improvements to business regulations, here is how the world uses Doing Business data:

- Over 30 governments have formed regulatory reform committees that use Doing Business indicators
- Over 380 regulatory reforms have been inspired by the project since 2003, including these examples from Malaysia, Rwanda, and the United Arab Emirates
- APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), a forum of 21 member countries, uses Doing Business indicators as a benchmark for their regulatory reform initiatives
- Graphs in top global media outlets feature Doing Business data to illustrate important messages about business regulations

Have you seen the life of an entrepreneur or business improve because of changes to laws and regulations related to Doing Business? Why do you contribute to Doing Business? We would like to know your stories. Please email DBNews@worldbank.org.

Subnational News

Sub-national and sub-regional Doing Business reports capture differences in business regulations and their enforcement across locations within a single country or region. Recent report launches include:

- Doing Business in the East African Community 2012: This report compares business regulations across five economies: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. It finds that improvements to the business environment are possible if member states adopt regional best practices.
- Doing Business in Indonesia 2012: Launched in January, this report is the second in a series that analyses the ease of doing business in 20 Indonesian cities.  The report finds that business reforms undertaken by Indonesian cities have paid off, making it easier for local entrepreneurs to start and operate a business.
- Doing Business in OHADA 2012: Also launched in January, this report draws on data from the annual global Doing Business study and takes a detailed look at business regulations in the 16 member states of Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA).

Doing Business in the Media

The Doing Business 2012 global report launched in October 2011 with a record 10,346 media citations thus far. Below are some highlights:

- Reuters, Africa, E. Europe gain on World Bank pro-business list
- The Wall Street Journal Blog, Emerging Economies Have Long Way To Go On Business Climate
- Bloomberg, Record Sub-Saharan Nations Make Business Changes, Survey Shows - The National, Arab world needs an economic revolution - The Financial Times, Sub-Saharan nations praised for deregulation
- The Economist, Pointless regulations: It's a jungle out there

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