DB News - 9th Issue, November 2012


DBNews, published semiannually, is a platform for exchanging information and ideas among the ever-growing community of Doing Business contributors across the world.

Thank you Contributors!
Thank you for contributing your expertise and time to the Doing Business 2013 report. We also appreciate your responsiveness to our follow-up questions via telephone and email. Many of you have been research partners with the World Bank and IFC for the past 10 years and we look forward to continuing this important relationship with you as we work toward our common goal of enabling local entrepreneurs in your economy and globally.

Doing Business 2013 launched on October 23, 2012
The new report is live! Doing Business website crossed 1 million page views in October. Please visit www.doingbusiness.org to see the results of your work on the Doing Business surveys incorporated into the report, data and analysis.  You may expect to receive your copy of the report and certificate of appreciation for your Doing Business 2013 contribution by January.

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Doing Business 2013 Key Findings
This year’s report marks the 10th edition of the Doing Business series. Over the past decade, these reports have recorded nearly 2,000 regulatory reforms implemented by 180 economies. The reforms have yielded major benefits for local entrepreneurs across the globe. For example:

- Since 2005, the average time to start a business has fallen from 50 days to 30—and in low income economies the average has been reduced by half.
- In the past eight years, the average time to transfer property fell by 35 days, from 90 to 55, and the average cost by 1.2 percentage points—from 7.1 percent of the property value to 5.9 percent.
- In the past eight years, improvements to simplify tax compliance have reduced the time required annually to comply with the three major taxes measured (profit, labor, and consumption taxes) by 54 hours on average.
Report findings for your region are available on the press page of the website: www.doingbusiness.org/press

How You Make an Impact
You may enjoy sharing this Doing Business video and infograph
with your networks to show how the research you contribute to is making it easier to do business around the world.

Media Coverage
Doing Business 2013 generated over 3,500 media citations globally in the first week.  Notable articles include:

- Getting Better, The Economist, 10/27/12 (Print Edition)
- Une compétitivité qui s'améliore en dépit de la crise de la dette, Les Echos, 10/24/12
- Doing Business 2013 : l'Afrique peut encore mieux faire !, Jeune Afrique, 10/23/12
- País intenta colarse en primeros 100 puestos del ‘Doing Business,’ La Nación, 10/24/12
- Singapore tops in "doing business" rankings for 7th year, Xinhua News, 10/23/12 
- Key Reforms Improve Business Climate in Middle East region, Daily Star Online, 10/23/12 

Doing Business 2013 news and findings went viral on social media channels with 2,884,366 total views of the #DoingBiz hashtag on Twitter within 2 days of launch.

World Bank Group Entrepreneurship Database
Launched on October 23rd, the World Bank Group Entrepreneurship Database is updated every two years, and is based on the only global survey of formal entrepreneurship that can be compared across countries and over time.  Data on new firm registration are collected directly from business registries in 130 economies.  In 2011, more than 60 percent of the world’s economies saw a faster pace of new firm registration than in the year before.

Doing Business offers three other new datasets this year:
- Distance to Frontier shows how economies have improved over time.
- Good Practices identifies economies with processes making it easy to do business.
- Transparency in Business Regulations provides data on the accessibility of regulatory information.

Subnational News
Sub-national and sub-regional Doing Business reports capture differences in business regulations and their enforcement across locations within a single country or region. Recent reports include:

- Doing Business in Italy 2013: Launched on November 14 in Rome, Italy, this report benchmarks business regulations across thirteen Italian cities across four indicators: Starting a Business, Dealing with Construction Permits, Registering Property, and Enforcing Contracts. The report also measures the Doing Business Trading Across Borders indicator in seven strategic ports.
- Doing Business in Hargeisa 2012: Launched in October, this report provides the first micro-level data for business regulatory framework for domestic small and medium businesses in Hargeisa, the largest economic center in Somaliland.
- Doing Business in Kenya 2012: Launched in June, this report is the second in a series that analyses the ease of doing business in 13 Kenyan cities.  All 13 cities have improved business registration processes over the last two years and two cities expedited the approval of construction permits.
- Doing Business in Russia 2012: Launched in June, the report is the second in a series analyzing four areas of business regulation across 30 Russian cities. Overall, it is easier to start a business, deal with construction permits, get electricity and register property in Ulyanovsk and Saransk.
- Doing Business in the Arab World 2012: Launched in May, this report draws on data from the annual global Doing Business study and finds that 13 of 20 economies in the Arab world adopted a total of 20 business regulatory reforms, mostly focused on making it easier to start a business or improving credit information systems.