Business Reforms in Botswana

= Doing Business reform making it easier to do business. Negative =  Change making it more difficult to do business.


Dealing with Construction Permits: Botswana made dealing with construction permits easier by getting rid of the requirement to submit a rates clearance certificate in order to obtain a building permit.


Getting Electricity: The utility in Botswana made getting electricity easier by enforcing service delivery timelines for new connections and improving the stock of materials for connection works.


Dealing with Construction Permits: Botswana made dealing with construction permits easier by eliminating the requirement for an environmental impact assessment for low-risk projects.


Paying Taxes: Botswana made paying taxes more costly for companies by increasing the profit tax rate.

Trading across Borders: In Botswana exporting and importing became faster thanks to the introduction of a scanner by the country’s customs authority and an upgrade of South Africa’s customs declaration system, both at the Kopfontein–Tlokweng border post.


Starting a Business: Botswana made starting a business easier by simplifying the process to obtain a business license and the process to register for taxes.

Registering Property: Botswana made registering property more difficult by adding a requirement to notify the tax agency of the value added tax payment.

Enforcing Contracts: Botswana made resolution of commercial disputes more efficient by introducing case management and improving the use of information technology.


Starting a Business: Botswana reduced the time required for starting a business by computerizing the business registry.

Protecting Minority Investors: Botswana strengthened investor protections by introducing requirements for shareholder approval of related-party transactions and by allowing shareholders to sue directors where such transactions harm the company, and obtain payment for damages if successful.

Paying Taxes: Botswana made paying taxes more difficult for companies by introducing a training levy to be paid monthly.

Trading across Borders: Botswana speeded up customs clearance on its border with South Africa and trained its customs officers in the use of the electronic data interchange system, resulting in quicker processing of trade documents.


Resolving Insolvency: Botswana made resolving insolvency more difficult through an amendment to its Employment Act increasing the priority ranking of employee benefits to preferred status. In addition, Botswana amended its Insolvency Act to criminalize false statements by an insolvent company that may affect a prospective buyer’s decision whether to purchase the company as a going concern.