Business Reforms in Solomon Islands

= Doing Business reform making it easier to do business. Negative =  Change making it more difficult to do business.


Getting Credit: The Solomon Islands improved access to credit information by establishing a credit bureau.


Getting Electricity: The Solomon Islands made getting electricity easier by improving procurement practices for the materials needed to establish new connections.


Starting a Business: The Solomon Islands made starting a business easier by implementing an online registration process.

Registering Property: The Solomon Islands made registering property faster by separating the land registry from the business and movable property registries.

Protecting Minority Investors: The Solomon Islands strengthened investor protections by increasing shareholder access to corporate information.

Resolving Insolvency: The Solomon Islands adopted a new law that simplified insolvency proceedings.


Getting Credit: The Solomon Islands strengthened access to credit by passing a new secured transactions law that broadens the range of assets that can be used as collateral, allows a general description of debts and obligations secured by collateral, permits out-of-court enforcement and creates a collateral registry.


Dealing with Construction Permits: The cost of dealing with construction permits increased significantly in the Solomon Islands as a result of fee increases and high prices for construction materials.