Business Reforms in Lebanon

= Doing Business reform making it easier to do business. Negative =  Change making it more difficult to do business.


Registering Property: Lebanon made transferring property more complex by increasing the time required for property registration.


Getting Electricity: Lebanon made getting electricity less costly by reducing the application fees and security deposit for a new connection.


Starting a Business: Lebanon increased the cost of starting a business.

Getting Credit: Lebanon improved its credit information system by allowing banks online access to the public credit registry’s reports.


Starting a Business: Lebanon made starting a business easier by eliminating the requirement to have company books stamped—though it also made it more difficult by reversing a previous reform combining tax and company registration at LibanPost.

Paying Taxes: Lebanon made paying taxes easier for companies by eliminating the requirement to obtain permission to use accelerated depreciation and by introducing electronic payment.


Starting a Business: Lebanon reduced the time required to start a business by streamlining the business registration process.