Business Reforms in Nepal

= Doing Business reform making it easier to do business. Negative =  Change making it more difficult to do business.


Getting Credit: Nepal strengthened access to credit by operationalizing the existing law on secured transactions that implements a functional secured transactions system and establishes a centralized, notice-based, modern collateral registry.

Protecting Minority Investors: Nepal strengthened minority investor protections by requiring greater corporate transparency.


Dealing with Construction Permits: Nepal made dealing with construction permits more difficult by increasing the cost of obtaining a building permit.

Trading across Borders: Exporting in Nepal became more difficult due to an increase in the time and cost for documentary compliance following the introduction of a special vehicle permit requirement. At the same time, Nepal implemented the ASYCUDA World data management system, which expedited the customs clearance process.


Dealing with Construction Permits: Nepal made dealing with construction permits easier by implementing a new electronic building permit system.


Starting a Business: Nepal made starting a business easier by reducing the administrative processing time at the company registrar and by establishing a data link between agencies involved in the incorporation process.


Enforcing Contracts: Nepal improved oversight and monitoring in the court, speeding up the process for filing claims.


Registering Property: Nepal made transferring property easier by reducing the registration fee.

Getting Credit: Nepal improved access to credit information by starting to distribute historical data.