Business Reforms in Taiwan, China

= Doing Business reform making it easier to do business. Negative =  Change making it more difficult to do business.


Trading across Borders: Taiwan, China made exporting easier by allowing different organizations to electronically issue certificates of origin.

Enforcing Contracts: Taiwan, China, made enforcing contracts easier by introducing an electronic filing system.

Labor Market Regulation: Taiwan, China, adopted legislation that increased the number of mandatory paid annual leave days and the number of weekly rest days.


Getting Electricity: The utility in Taiwan, China, reduced the time required for getting an electricity connection through a simplified procedure for obtaining excavation permits from the municipality.


Getting Electricity: Taiwan, China, made getting electricity easier by eliminating site inspections.

Getting Credit: Taiwan, China, improved access to credit information by beginning to include data from utility companies in credit reports.

Paying Taxes: Taiwan, China, made paying taxes easier for companies by introducing an electronic system for paying the vehicle license tax.


Dealing with Construction Permits: Taiwan, China, made dealing with construction permits easier by introducing a risk-based and self-regulatory inspection system and improving operational features of the one-stop shop for building permits.

Protecting Minority Investors: Taiwan, China, strengthened investor protections by increasing disclosure requirements for related-party transactions and improving the liability regime for company directors in cases where such transactions are abusive.


Starting a Business: Taiwan (China) made starting a business easier by implementing an online one-stop shop for business registration.

Dealing with Construction Permits: Taiwan (China) made dealing with construction permits easier by creating a one-stop center.


Starting a Business: Taiwan (China) eased business start-up by reducing the time required to check company names, register retirement plans and apply for health, pension and labor insurance.

Paying Taxes: Taiwan (China) reduced the corporate income tax rate and simplified tax return forms, rules for assessing corporate income tax and the calculation of interim tax payments.


Starting a Business: Taiwan, China, made starting a business easier by abolishing the minimum capital requirement and speeding up various procedures.

Paying Taxes: Taiwan, China, made paying taxes easier for companies by extending electronic filing and payment to value added tax.


Getting Credit: Taiwan, China, strengthened its secured transactions system through an amendment to its civil code allowing the use of personal real estate or property to secure a line of credit, for not more than a specified maximum amount.