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The data collection for entrepreneurship project was completed in June 2019. To measure entrepreneurial activity, annual data was collected directly from 155 company registrars on the number of newly registered firms. Data was also collected on female entrepreneurship over the past five years in order to measure gender gaps between men and women who start or operate a company. 

The new business entry density is defined as the number of newly registered corporations per 1,000 working-age people (those ages 15–64). As in the World Bank’s annual Doing Business report, the units of measurement are private, formal sector companies with limited liability.

The data can help answer such questions as these:

  • What are the trends in new firm creation across regions and income groups?
  • What is the relationship between entrepreneurship and the business environment and financial development?
  • How much did the financial crisis affect entrepreneurial activity in the formal sector? 

Download data on formation of new limited liability companies from 2006-2018 (Excel)

* This economy is not covered in the Doing Business report.